5 Reasons Cutting Alcohol Out of Your Life is So Worth It

Don't get me wrong, cutting out drinking isn't an easy task. Booze is deeply imbedded in our culture. Grabbing a drink with a friend or a date is second nature. And in today's society, fun equals a wild night out where everyone gets nice and tipsy. Drinking has become cool, and movies like The Hangover, Project X and 21 and Over only drive that notion that getting "f*cked up" is the only way to have a good time. Here are 5 reasons that may sell you on embracing a more sober life. Especially, if you're like me, a 20-something girl who is totally over her college party days, but might be having a hard time shaking the occasional, regretful booze binge night. 1) You'll remember your experiences No more waking up wondering why there is a half-eaten sushi boat on your living table and Dance Dance Revolution playing full volume on your Xbox! Or worse, finding embarrassing drunk photos of yourself on your Instagram feed. Sober nights are so much easier to remember, and remembering things is fun. 2) No more throwing away your money Alcohol is not only expensive, but nights out on a whole are pricey. With cabs, admission and the inevitable late night pizza order, drinking nights can create a dent in your finances. 3) Goodbye hangovers You won't be dealing with the infamous feeling of nausea and a killer migraine, followed by the comfort of greasy food and Netflix. You'll start appreciating waking up fresh, clearheaded with no false eyelashes stuck to your face or glitter in your hair, and ready to start your day. 4) Here comes a stronger immune system When booze gets the boot, immune function gets boosted! Liquor wears away the lining of your esophagus (yuck!) and makes it easier for viruses to work their way in. So ditch the drinks, and you won't be stricken by so many colds and flus. 5) You'll look fresher Alcohol damages your liver, the organ that filters out toxins from your body. It can also dehydrate your skin at an alarming level. Saying bye bye to booze retains your healthy, natural glow and prevents your skin from aging prematurely. Try cutting back on booze and let us know the results! Share your stories with us in a comment!    

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