5 Reasons Why Dating An Adventurous Person Is Good For Your Soul

I'm the type of person who spends hours planning, making itineraries and wanting to know exactly when and where events will take place. Dating someone who is the exact opposite was, at first, frightening. But spontaneity is a beautiful thing, and looking back at the time spent together, I've realized that the most wondrous, magical and memorable moments came from pure adventure and not an agenda. Here are 5 reasons why dating an adventurous person makes life amazing!

#1 You'll Fall More In Love At Every Twist and Turn

You're four wheeling through the woods and you're holding onto his waist tight. You realize just how much you love him. The more crazy things you experience together, the harder and harder you fall.

#2 You Never Get Bored

Dinner and movie? Nah, your dates are always something out of the blue and out of this world! The rush of feelings you got when you first met stay alive with each daring new experience.

#3 "Why Not?" Becomes Your Go-To Phrase

Before you dated, you always found an excuse to not participate in wild adventures. Staying in and watching Netflix just seemed easier, safer and better. But now you throw caution out the window without even a second thought!

#4 You Stress Less

Having new, unplanned and totally out of your control adventures break down your stress walls and get you away from your crutches. (e.i. lists, planners, clocks...)

#5 You'll Be Tired, But Satisfied

At first, you will try to match your partner's energy level but eventually you will start to feel a little drained. You'll push through it though, and realize hiking up that mountain was so worth catching the sunrise with them!

Tag your adventurous partner in the comments and tell us why you love them!

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