5 Reasons Why Dating Is Awkward And Being Single Isn't

Dating: the process of going out with new people in search of a connection. Being single: the experience of being independent and having fun, living by the philosophy of "whatever happens, happens". Here are the 5 reasons why dating can be exhausting and awkward. #1 Every first date runs through the same questions.  Dating: "Where did you grow up?" "What are you studying?" "So...see any good movies lately?" Being single you can expressive, random conversations with guys and if it's uninteresting, it's no big deal. #2 Picking the right outfit for every date.  You've developed a select wardrobe that rotates through the same 5 dresses you wear on your dates. But when you're single, you don't really care what you wear. You can dress it up and dress it down depending on your mood, you're not particularly trying to impress anyone but you don't have to feel you have to cover up either. #3 You never know what to order on dates. You struggle with making sure you order something on the menu that you can eat gracefully, but all you want is a juicy burger or bowl of pasta. The single life requires you not to care about your food indulgences, hoping someday you'll find a man who doesn't mind or pretends not to notice the sauce all over your mouth. #4 You run out of conversation when you're done the routine list of questions.  Dating: "Soo..umm...well then..." Being single means there's no routine, and no topic is off-limits. #5 Goodbyes are pretty awkward.  I once went on a horribly awkward date that ended with the guy hugging me and ever noticeably smelling my hair. For 5 minutes. There is no smooth transition when it comes to first date goodbyes. What are some of your first date horror stories? Share them with us!

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