5 Reasons A Girl Texts When She's Interested In You (Sexy Times)

The beginning of relationships can be exciting and confusing. No one wants to put themselves out there too much at the beginning. People are shy about giving away too much and finding out the interest isn't returned. If you can't really tell if she's interested, here are 5 reasons she's sending you those texts.

1. She's playing it cool

She's texting you because she wants to seem like she doesn't care. All she can think about is how much better this conversation would go over coffee. How it would go on, effortlessly, for hours getting you kicked out of the cafe at closing. She loves that your eyes light up when you get a new thought. That your conversations never grow dull or stall. But she isn't going to text you that. Nope. She's playing it cool.

2. She's looking for a reply.

When she texts you a website or a link to a news article (or really any other random thing), she isn't doing it because she thought you might like it. Well, that was part of it, but your liking it is just the bonus. She wants to know what you think of what she sent, she wants more insight into where you click and where you don't. But most importantly, she just wants an answer. It is starting a conversation without 'starting' it.

3. She had a bad day.

Sometimes, a day can just suck. Those days when you want to get back into bed and start over. She obviously can't do that. Instead, she's texting you. She does it because when she sees your name on the screen, she momentarily forgets all the crap that happened before. Talking to you reminds her that there are bigger, more important things out there than the tiny, petty things that can get us down.

4. She's glad she met you.

Things were okay before she met you, now, they are grand! You remind her that simple human interaction, a day can brighten. You make her feel energized and revived even when she's exhausted to the core. You make her giddy and she'd like it to stay that way.

5. She wants to see you again.

It seems our world and our interactions have been stripped down to a series of meaningless sentences read on a screen. But she's okay with the medium because she knows it will eventually lead to seeing you. She's texting you because she wants you beside her, engaged with her, without your phones anywhere in sight. Remember, she's texting you because she likes you.  

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