5 Reasons Your Guy Should Shave His Balls (and everything else down there)

It seems that today everyone is grooming their nether parts as a new study from Indiana University shows, 95 percent of men and women reported shaving, waxing, or otherwise removing their pubic hair at least once over the past month. What was once largely a feminine pursuit has caught on with dudes too. Is your guy one of the 12 percent that does a little trimming or is he in the 38 percent who make a full commitment and go completely hair free? No matter where your guy falls on the pube grooming spectrum, here are 5 reasons why he should consider getting out the scissors and giving himself a new 'do.

1. He'll feel sexier

Preparing your privates for sex can give you a real confidence boost. In the Indiana study, most shavers said they kept their privates primed because it made them feel sexy, says lead author Scott Butler, Ph.D. It might be because this trimming can make his manhood all the more impressive. “Some men find that shaving or trimming their pubic hair makes their genitals look larger, which may be enough to enhance confidence in and of itself,” says sex educator Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D., author of the blog Sex and Psychology.

2. Oral is easier

According, once again, to that Indiana study, men and women who went hair free received more oral sex over the course of a month than those who did not. Kind of makes sense, no one wants to be pulling short and curlies from their teeth. Also, manscaping can ease the abrasiveness of the hair making it all appear more appealing.

3. He's less likely to contract crabs (meaning you're less likely too...)

Who doesn't want this benefit? A 2014 U.K. study found a direct link between increased pubic hair removal and decreased pubic lice infections over the past decade. If they can't find a place to lay eggs, the life cycle ends. The incidents of pubic lice have declined to such a degree that researchers believe they may be eradicated, sexually at least, in the not too distant future.

4. It's way more comfortable down there

One of the most common reasons men in the Indiana study gave for removing their hair was that they found it to be a 'more comfortable style' (which may have added to their feeling sexier). But it also holds true outside the bedroom. Manscaping can also make exercise feel less irritating, says Dr. Rossi M.D., a certified dermatologist and assistant professor at Weil Cornell Medical College. “Trimmed pubic hair may make [exercise] more comfortable, especially for runners, because it does not interfere with tight running shorts or contribute to chaffing.”

5. He'll feel cleaner

Men who manscape have associated being hair-free with increased feelings of cleanliness, which can make sex seem less inhibited by stray hairs or odd scents. Cleaning up your pubic region can help with local hygiene in your groin area, including skin health, says Dr. Rossi. There are certain bad smelling bacteria, yeast and fungi living down there and when he sweats, he secretes them through his sebaceous glands. Long hair creates a hotter, happier nesting space for these odors to live.

Before everyone gets upset with me, I know pubic hair grooming preferences are varied and unique. It isn't for everyone, but if it can help him feel more confident, comfortable and clean, it may just improve sex for you both and that is never a bad thing. And remember, if he gives it a shot and isn't happy, it really isn't permanent. He can go back to his old look in a pretty short period of time.


Does your man prune his hedges? What do you prefer when it comes to his down there hair?

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