4 Reasons Russell Brand Should Be President Of The World

I realize this is not an official position to hold, I also realize that Russell probably wouldn't have an extreme interest in the position if it were available, but I think this is a man who people should really be looking at. If you don't know who Russell Brand is, he is an English comedian & actor. He's best known for playing Aldous Snow in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and reprising that role in Get Him To The Greek. He is also an incredibly outspoken, boisterous, diagnosed bipolar individual. He is also a former heroin addict. Generally speaking this combination of attributes does not make for a solid political leader. But then again, how many solid leaders have we had as of late? So here's why I think Russell Brand should be looked at as more than a loud, recovering junkie.   4. He Speaks With Conviction and Eloquence Regardless if you agree, disagree, love or hate Barack Obama, there is no denying he is a great speaker. There is a sense of showmanship that comes with being in politics - you need to convince people to trust you. That's not implying that they inherently should distrust you, but you need to be able to instil confidence in complete strangers. No matter what Russell is talking about, you are forced to listen to him. Even if you disagree with him, his arguments are presented in a manner that always reflect an intelligent, relative argument. It doesn't come from a place of pettiness or chauvinism, but genuine intrigue and knowledge.   3. He Understands How To Use Fame Russell knows how to throw his fame around and use it in particular corners. This is not a unique skill. nor a foreign skill to celebrities, but he does use it in ways that most don't. Angelina Jolie uses her fame and status to support charities and raise funds. Maybe the people donating because of her aren't doing it for the right reasons, but the fact of the matter is she is aware that when she opens her mouth - people will listen. So she chooses to speak openly about things that matter to her and things that matter to the world at large. On a smaller scale, Russell Brand does the same. The video below of him attending parliamentary committee meeting is long, but worth the watch.   2. He is far from perfect. Russell Brand, externally, signifies everything we would run screaming from when seeking a leader. He is a former heroin addict. He is a former sex addict. He suffered from bulimia. And he's divorced. When people run for any sort of office, they're vetted. As a public, we want to idolize these individuals as beings of perfection. Maybe because we assume if they're perfect, they will make our lives more perfect in turn. But the reality is, they're human. They've all got skeletons and pasts and human issues - but are forced to conceal them. They adopt this "perfect" persona and for a while, we believe it. But when that perception is shattered (ie: Bill Clinton), it's almost like they've personally offended us. We cannot possibly fathom that these individuals are...in fact...human. Addiction is an incredibly important issue in almost every part of the world. Addiction to drugs, to food, to sex, to money, to whatever. And there are programs and centres and this and that, but there is no one in any sort of political position that has stepped up, admitted to a former addiction and actively tried to heal the general population. *Note: Rob Ford does not count. He isn't trying to help anyone; including himself* Maybe looking to a former heroin addict to be the next leader of the world is a bit extreme, but we should be looking to someone that ISN'T perfect (yes I remember this isn't a real position...but just humour me). What message does it send to the young generation when these individuals are horribly chastised and generally fired if they f*ck up? "Don't screw up your life"? No. It sends the message that if you do screw up, especially if it's serious, hide it and hide it well. The public ramifications are much more severe than the personal ones you'll face by bottling up this issue. Hide your eating disorder if you're a boy, it's shameful. Stay in your bad marriage, divorce is a sin. Don't admit to doing drugs, they'll throw you in jail. Don't seek help - it will cost you too much.   1. He is a representation of a new generation Russell Brand is almost 40. He's not exactly a part of the young generation - but his mind is open to the changing world and cultural climate that we live in. Regardless of what older generations want to try and hold onto, we are in a time of incredibly rapid change. Our societies are changing, our technology is changing, our whole physical world is changing. And all these facets are intertwined. Beyond that, they are all becoming the norm for future generations. Even if you don't buy your child a cell phone, they know what it is and how to use it. Even if you don't allow them on the internet unsupervised, they can probably access it anyways. You cannot protect youth from this change because they are immersed in it. They are born from it, where we are trying to adapt with it. With these massive changes come equally massive problems. Locally & globally. And though Russell Brand isn't of that age, he is of that mindset.

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