5 Reasons Why Having Sex Is Vital for Mental and Physical Health

As if you need a medical reason to get busy more often! Well, in case you were wondering, having sex frequently is highly beneficial for both your brain and your body. Find out why: #1 Sex Is a Stress Reliever  If you need to relax, de-stress and relieve anxiety, sex can help! When you have sex, your body releases endorphins which are chemicals that are manufactured in your brain and spinal cord. Endorphins can even decrease symptoms of depression! #2 Orgasms Improve Brain Function  It has been proven that having frequent orgasms can boost the blood flow to your brain. When blood flow is stronger, more nutrients can be absorbed thus increasing your brain's functionality. Who knew sex can make you smarter! #3 Amazing Sex = Radiant Skin  Just like your brain, sex boosts blood circulation to your skin layers. This gives your skin extra oxygen and vitamins to leave it glowing, youthful and clear. #4 Sex Can Shorten Your Period Sex causes an increase in uterine contractions which allow menstrual blood to be flushed out faster. Sex can also reduce the intensity period cramps! #5 Sex Counts as a Workout A hot and steamy session can burn calories and even reduce your risk of developing heart disease! It can also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. What are some benefits you have noticed from getting busy between the sheets? Share your thoughts with us!  

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