5 Reasons Why Being Single In the Summer Is So Badass

Single summers are something to be celebrated. The unbounded freedom, the carefree living. While there is nothing wrong with spending your summer with a special someone, we're here to break down why you shouldn't feel bad about living the single life and totally embrace it! #1 - You're Free! Feeling like an impromptu road trip with friends? Want to spend a crazy night out at a beach bonfire, and go late night skinny dipping with that cute guy you've been eyeing up? Yeah...you can do that. #2 - You Make The Rules This summer is about you! You can literally do whatever makes you feel happy, and don't have to feel obligated to answer to anyone. Leave your phone at home and go camping! #3 - Summer Sex Need I say more? You can enjoy those hot, passionate hook-ups without the commitment of a long term relationship. #4 - You Can Live Drama Free No fights, no worries, no disappointments. Sometimes relationships can come with a lot of drama, jealousy and petty fighting. You can bask in the fact that you're living anxiety free right now, especially if you've recently come out of something heavy. #5 - You Can Discover You Take this time to soul search and reflect on what you want in life. Being single gives you space to find your real, authentic self. Once the fall comes around, you can make a clear decision whether you want to pursue a relationship or stay single! What are your favourite things about being single for the summer? Or, if you are in a relationship, what are your favourite things about sharing your summer with that someone?  

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