5 Reasons It Takes A Special Person To Date An Entrepreneur

With a lack of traditional job opportunities, people are forced to create their own opportunities in increasing numbers. It is the only way we will survive our current economic climate. Entrepreneurs are great people. But dating them may not always be so simple. As a significant other, you ride the ups and downs by their side but you remain in the shadows. Here's a closer look at why it takes a special person to date an entrepreneur:

1. Entrepreneurs tend to be obsessive

Researchers at Swinburne University of Technology discovered that entrepreneurs tend to be 'vulnerable to the dark side of obsession.' What does this mean? It means that any little mistake or missed opportunity that ordinary people may let slide, an entrepreneur may turn over and over in their minds. In a relationship context, this may mean anxiety and restlessness for your partner. Not an easy thing to go through together.

2. Entrepreneurs' emotions are tied to the company

They can be moody. Rough patches at work are amplified. When the business does well, things are smooth, it is a little choppier when business is rough. Again, this doesn't always bode well for relationships. The entrepreneur may need to withdrawal socially to focus on getting things off the ground. It takes a special romantic partner to say 'It's okay, how can I help? What do you need me to do?'

3. Entrepreneurs date their companies

When it comes down to it, in the heart, the significant other matters more than the company but the nature of the entrepreneurial beast means this doesn't ring true in the day to day. Entrepreneurs never stop working. Their company is their life. To date an entrepreneur, you have to be independent and be okay with it. You can't sit by the phone and wait, you have to make your own plans. Living your own life is the key to dating an entrepreneur.

4. You have to be secure to date an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs can be very social in that they are always networking. This means out of business hour meetings and being friendly -- even flirty -- with lots of different people. Entrepreneurs, as mentioned above, can be obsessive and so they may not even notice how wrapped up they become in these tasks. You need be secure in your relationship if you're going to date an entrepreneur.

5. You have to be humble and unassuming

As a significant other, you are subject to all the troubles of starting and running a business. But when it takes off, you get none of the credit. You experience the stress and the ups and downs too without any of the payoff. Our society has embraced entrepreneurs, we celebrate them. But let us never forget the people who toil at their sides. Let's not forget the significant others that work to provide love and emotional support. Can any of us succeed without those things? I don't think so.  

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