5 Reasons to Be Grateful for the Person Who Broke Your Heart

A broken heart is a part of life, and we've all gone through it. But when you're going through it, it can feel like the end of the world, and like the most unjust thing that could ever happen to you. Then, as times passes, you realize that life goes on and you learned a thing or two from that breakup. You may even find yourself wanting to thank the person who left you so torn up for a moment in your life. If you can't seem to understand this, then here are five reasons why.

1. They taught you that life goes on.

When you're heart feels like its been smashed into a million pieces, its hard to feel like life will go on. But, as they say, time heals all wounds, and somehow, someway you find yourself stepping out from the darkness and back into the life you were meant to live. Heartbreak allows you to see happiness and love in other things, like your family and friends.

2. For giving you strength.

While heartbreak is emotional, it sure can feel physical. Your body aches in ways you never thought it could. You're overwhelmed with sadness and you feel sensitive to the touch. However, something changes and you find new light. And once you do, you are left with a new strength that allows you to come to the realization that no one person is the bearer of your happiness.

3. For helping you to understand that you are capable of having more than one great love.

When you're dealing with heartbreak, one of the reasons you feel so consumed in self-pity is the sense of loss of "the one." But eventually you meet someone new, and come to the realization that  you are capable of loving just as deeply if not more with someone else.

4. For raising your standards.

Love is blind, and causes you to make excuses for the one you love. Whether it be that they continuously cheated or perhaps met you with the back of their hand, love seems to conquer all, until it doesn't and your'e nothing but a sad mess on the bathroom floor wondering what happened. The good that comes out of such bad situations is that you will never allow yourself to be blinded from your own reality. Falling out of love opens you up to the truth, and teaches you what is acceptable and what is not for your next relationship.

5. For what you shared.

True heartbreak is a result of true love. A real heartbreak happens because so much love was had. And during that time, all you can see is darkness. You're angry, you're sad, you're confused. But when you come out of it, you can truly appreciate all of the wonderful times you had together, and all of the memories they helped allow you to cherish forever. Have you ever thanked the person who broke your heart?
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