5 Reasons To Switch Up Your Squats

Ah, the barbell back squat. Long known to round and perk the booty of men and women around the globe. Maybe you love them, maybe you hate them. Regardless, here are 5 reasons you should switch up your squat!

1. You want to build or define other muscles.

Some squat variations can more effectively isolate the quads, hams, calves and core better than the back squat. (Try the pistol squat or the braced squat!)

2. You’ve hit a plateau.

If you religiously work on your back squat every week, your muscles have likely started to adapt to the exercise. Adding some variety is key to making improvements in your strength and physique.

3. You don’t like them.

We get it, they aren't for everyone. But the squat is still among the top exercises to perform for overall physical health, so you'd best find variation you enjoy.

4. Improve muscle imbalances and mobility.

Training with a variety of movement patterns improves flexibility and strengthens weaker muscle groups, which in turn can help repair injuries and correct muscle imbalances.

5. There’s a line-up for the squat rack.

Not every squat exercise requires a barbell. Have a few effective variations in your back pocket for when the equipment you need is occupied.

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