5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Protein

We're always trying to figure out what vegetable is trending, what cocktail has the least amount of calories, what organic really means, and whether we should give up on gluten. But some things are staples in our society for a reason, and protein is one of them. It's been said that you should try to consume about 65 grams of protein a day. But why? Here are five of its best functions. 1. It builds muscle Since protein is built from amino acids, eating a proper amount of it will keep your body from breaking down muscle for energy. 2. It repairs muscle tissue Whether you have a serious injury or you've just worked out, the amino acids in protein will help your muscles to recover. 3. It keeps you full Whether you're going to be on the go for hours at a time and don't want a drive-thru to call your name, or you're just trying not to overeat, protein will help you feel fuller for longer, so unwanted cravings and unnecessary calorie intake can be kept at bay. 4. A little goes a long way You don't need to inhale pounds of protein to make it effective. Use this to your advantage, focusing on quality over quantity. Opt for low-fat dairy, eggs, lean meats and good plant proteins. 5. It's your hair's best friend Lack of protein can cause your hair to thin and more to fall out, and no one wants that! Do the hair flip like Bey by eating more of this good stuff. What are your favourite protein-rich foods? Source: Fitness Magazine  

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