5 Reasons Why You're Always Feeling Hungry!

Sometimes you can attest your hunger to a certain time of the month, stress or a particularly hard workout. But when you don't have an explanation for your mass consumption, than what exactly is up? Here are 5 reasons hunger can creep up and leave you feeling famished: #1 Dehydration When you're not filling up on adequate fluids, your body can be tricked into thinking it needs fuel instead. Drink a glass of water first thing in the AM and keep a steady fluid intake all day. This should keep those hunger pangs at bay. #2 Carb Overload Starchy carb binges leaves your body wanting more and more of the bad stuff. Cookies, crackers and pastries are full of simple carbs that cause blood sugar levels to go haywire and you to feel hungry. Keep away from too many of these foods! #3 Over-stressing Stress and anxiety can leave us looking for a fix. You're body's riding high on stress induced hormones and you're coming straight for that pint of chocolate ice cream. Try relieving your worries with exercise, meditation or a relaxing bath. #4 Booze Alcohol dehydrates you and leaves you feeling empty and hungry. While sipping on those cocktails, try sipping some water simultaneously to keep healthy and hydrated. #5 #foodporn Pinterest and Instagram are bombarding you with images of tasty treats and recipes. You're BFF just posted a shrimp pasta dish on her Facebook feed, and you're feigning. Food images stimulate in involuntary reactions in our brains to crave. So turn off those feeds and focus on something else to keep from indulging. What are some reasons which you believe to be the cause of your hunger? Let us know!

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