5 Reasons Why You're Feeling So Fatigued

Do you feel yourself lacking energy even after getting a full night's sleep? It could be the little unsuspecting things you do throughout your day that could be causing you to have low energy levels. 1. You're not consuming enough iron salad Finally, an excuse to eat more peanut butter! Loading up on foods that are high in iron (dark green vegetables, lean beef, tofu and eggs) and eating them with food high in vitamin C is an easy way to avoid developing an iron deficiency, which in turn causes you to become drowsy and weak. 2. You don't drink enough water fruit water Often times, we confuse dehydration for hunger and eat up instead of drinking up. Even a 2% fluid loss can affect your energy levels. The daily water intake varies for each person but a simple way of figuring out how much you should be drinking daily is to divide your weight in pounds by two. The resulting number is your recommended water intake in ounces. 3.  You skip exercise when you're tired jogging The days you're feeling too tired to work out are the most important days to hit the gym. Exercise helps your cardiovascular system run smoothly and also delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues so even going for a 20 minute run can boost your energy levels. 4. You consume alcohol before bed. wine glass Yes, we're all guilty of enjoying a  glass of wine (or two) before bed. And while you may feel groggy and ready to hit the sheets right after drinking a glass of your favourite red, consuming alcohol actually disrupts your sleep cycle. After alcohol is metabolized, it causes your adrenaline system to experience an upward surge, ultimately causing you to wake up on and off throughout the night. So instead of getting your proper beauty sleep, you're waking up more tired than refreshed in the morning. 5. You watch TV before bed tablet These days, who doesn't watch some Netflix on their tablet before going to sleep? However, studies show that the light of a TV or a computer can throw off your body's natural circadian rhythm, causing unregulated sleep. Experts recommend holding your device about 12 inches away from your face to avoid sleep interference.

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