5 Reasons You're Working Out and Not Losing Weight

When trying to lose weight, burning calories is key. But, if you aren't burning enough, you won't see any change on the scale. Here are some things you may be doing wrong:

1.You Skip Oatmeal

Many women skip breakfast to save calories or to avoid an upset stomach. Bad idea. Eating first thing ups your metabolism and gives you the energy you need to get through a calorie burning workout. Without fuel, you will end up with a headache or a dizzy spell. All of this may lead to you not working as hard or quitting before the workout is complete. Eating a big greasy breakfast isn't the right move either so fuel your workout with something small that contains easily digestible carbs and protein.

2.You Head Straight To The Weight Room

Building muscle through strength training is important when it comes to burning calories (muscle burns more calories than body fat) but you still need the cardio. Cardio burns your body fat which reveals the toned muscles underneath. Keep up with your strength training but make sure you are getting in some heart pumping cardio too.

3.Walking Is Your Thing

Walking is wonderful for improving mood and circulation but doesn't do much when it comes to burning calories. If your goal is weight loss, you MUST work out for at least 1 hour every day. And it has to be the heart pumping, sweat pouring kind. Jogging, hiking, biking, jumping rope, swimming, or taking a cardio class at your gym are all excellent options.

4.You Sip Post-Workout Smoothies

You've just done a major ass kicking work out and are ready to refuel with your post workout snack. Some snacks, even healthy ones, can carry a high calorie count. Make sure the snack you choose doesn't undo any of the calorie burning you just did.

5.You Stop At Twice A Week

You should be proud of yourself for your two epic sweat sessions but that doesn't mean you can sit on the sofa for the rest of the week. Not exercising often enough is one reason you aren't seeing the results you'd like. To see things drop on the scale, kick up your workouts to 5 days a week. Simple enough. If any of these hit home for you, don't lose heart. They are easy fixes. A few adjustments and you'll be melting the pounds in no time!

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