5 Reasons You've Quit Working Out and How to Jump Back In

Abiding by a regular workout schedule is something to be proud of. Getting up every day with the knowledge that you're going to exercise is a powerful feeling, and following through with it provides an extreme sense of accomplishment. But there are several reasons even the most committed of us can fall off, and once we do, it can feel like the biggest hill to climb to get back up to where we once were. fitness Here are five reasons you may have quit working out and how to get started again. 1. You've stopped making it a priority. With all of the daily tasks you must complete, sometimes all it takes is feeling overwhelmed to let working out be the first to go. But one way you can assure you bring it back to the forefront is doing it first, that way all of the other must-dos, especially job-related tasks, can and will still get done. 2. You haven't been consistent. When you're not consistent, you'll begin to feel discouraged, since it takes more than a few sporadic workout sessions to see results. To get you back on track, make sure you workout three to four times per week. 3. You've come up with too many excuses. These may be the biggest obstacles standing in your way. If you let your lack of time, lack of energy or lack of desire get in the way, you'll never work out. Choose to toss your excuses out the door and you'll find that all you have left is your knowledge that it's time to get going. 4. You're letting comparisons get the best of you. Saying things like, "I'll never look like that, so why bother?" when you see someone else's fit body at the gym or on the street will only hinder you from focusing solely on yourself and being the best you can be. Watch this video to help you ixnay the comparison game for good. 5. You're not making it fun. Hate running but choose to run the same block every single day? You're simply setting yourself for failure by doing this. Try to pick exercises that will make you smile and make  you discover new things about yourself and your surroundings. Have you ever gone through a rut of not working out? What helped you get back on your A game? Source: Fit Bottomed Girls    

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