5 Scientific Reasons Drunk Sex Is A Terrible Idea

There are few among us who hasn't been there. You're a few drinks in, feeling pretty good, hitting it off with someone new or feeling particularly into your partner, and you just can't wait to get home and rip the clothes off. Problem is, it is a terrible idea. Even science says so... Here's exactly why you should probably take a pass.

1. It numbs the vagina

Alcohol depresses the central nervous system. This inhibits the part of the nervous system that control respiration, circulation and sensitivity of nerve endings. These areas are crucial for arousal and orgasm so if you're loaded, it makes your sex feel a little less than earth shacking.

2. It affects his erection

Consuming large amounts of alcohol has been linked to erectile dysfunction. Alcohol causes dehydration which causes a decreased blood volume and a rise in angiotensin, the hormone associated with erectile dysfunction.

3. It can prevent either of you from getting off

Alcohol has been proven to delay or prevent orgasms. In 2004, a study found 11% of alcohol users were more likely to have issues reaching orgasm. The fellas had difficulty ejaculating and the ladies required far more stimulation than sober women.

4. It stops her from getting wet

It may lubricate you socially but it isn't so when it comes to sex. Again, booze dehydrates you and that includes vaginal lubrication. He can't finish and she's desert dry. Sounds more than just a little uncomfortable.

5. It makes you more likely to forget protection

Alcohol has been proven to make you 7 times more likely to have unprotected sex. STDs and possible babies are so much more serious than your drunken desire to hook up. Do these facts give you a reason to pause? Is this enough to make you reconsider?

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