5 Secrets to Becoming a Sponsored Athlete

Many athletes, whether it is CrossFit, bikini, figure, or bodybuilding look to gain sponsorships via supplement companies to either help pay entry fees, or just to get free supplements from their favorite company.  Although difficult to obtain, it is not impossible.  I am going to give your 5 tips to help improve your chances of landing an athletic sponsorship.
  • Focus on increasing your social media presence. Companies are looking for people who can market themselves.  You may have to have just one IG or Facebook specifically for your fitness followers.
  • Look for companies that are running athletic sponsorship contests. These allow all levels of athletes to enter and show what they have to offer.
  • Pick one supplement line and stick with it. Companies looking at your social media account want to know you use and support their line of products.  They want you to have a  vast knowledge of what they offer as well as make sure you fit their set of core values.
  • Look Locally. Some local supplement stores are actively seeking athletes to sponsor.  Some of the local franchise stores such as Complete Nutrition will sponsor individuals based in their area.
  • Reach out via the company’s website. Most companies have online applications where you can share your personal story, progress pictures, and explain why you would be a good fit for their company.


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