5 Secrets to Get an Amazingly Radiant Summer Glow Now!

Get the sought-after complexion of the stars this summer, and look effortlessly glowing in your beach pics! Here are 5 celebrity tricks for a youthful, vibrant glow:  
  1. Moisturize - Ensure your skin is getting proper moisture all summer long. Use a face spray to gently mist over your makeup once it's applied, and repeat throughout the day. If you're wearing your makeup from early morning to late at night, remove it mid-day, moisturize and then reapply. This will keep skin fresh, smooth and clean.
  2. Vitamin C - Hailed a "skin superstar", vitamin C keeps skin moisture-rich, full of antioxidants and rejuvenated. Vitamin C makes skin cells renew more frequently, revealing soft, smooth and glowing skin
  3. Masks - A weekly facial mask full of enzymes can boost your skin's glow factor. Masks stimulate skin for an enlivened complexion.
  4. Limit Sugar - Sugar will attack the healthy collagen in your skin, making you look more sullen, dull and even older. Eat foods full of healthy fats like avocados and salmon to repair any damage left by a sugary diet.
  5. Nightly Facial Massage - Massaging your face for 5 minutes every night can reactivate cells and drain toxins from the skin. You'll wake up with healthy, young, glowing skin after your beauty sleep!
Got any tips about creating a healthy summer glow? Let us know!  

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