5 Secrets To Breaking Out Of A Workout Plateau!

Many eager gym-goers find themselves stuck in a workout plateau after a few months of steady training. Their bodies become so accustomed to the same routine that they stop making any fitness progress. Doing the same routine for a long period of time leaves the muscles craving a challenge. The workout must become intense enough that the muscles undergo hypertrophy -- the stimulation of muscle cells. All it takes is breaking free from their plateau for their muscle mass to increase. If you're stuck in a plateau, here are 5 ways to break out!

#1 Change The Routine

Mix up your regular regimen with some fresh new moves! These don't have to be radical in any way, as long as they are slightly different from what your body is used to. For example, switch up your usual seated dumbbell curls for inclined curls. Swap military presses for shoulder presses. Trade bent over dumbbell rows for bent over barbell rows. Or, for something completely different, check out SweatFlix℠! With over 80 hours of on demand workouts, and new content being added all the time, kiss your plateau goodbye!

#2 Change The Order

Always starting and finishing in the exact same order? Try reversing things! If you always finish with a hammer curl, place that exercise at the beginning of your routine and move bicep barbell curls to the very end. [bctt tweet="5 Secrets To Breaking Out Of A Workout Plateau!"]

#3 Change Your Target

If you focus on certain muscles each day (such as chest of Monday, biceps on Tuesday, etc.), why not jumble your schedule around? Move chest from Monday to Thursday and Biceps from Tuesday to Friday. This slight change can have drastic effects on how your muscles respond to each workout. Just wait and see!

#4 Change Your Reps

Making little adjustments to your routine such as the number of reps/sets you complete can break you out of your plateau. Try upping the number of reps/sets for each workout, or incorporating drop sets and supersets. Even changing your grip can impact your muscle growth.

#5 Change The Weight

Gradually increasing the weight is the number one way that people get out of a stagnant workout routine. Make sure to take it slow and work your way up to it so you avoid injury and strain. What are your tips for breaking out of a plateau? Share them in the comments below! Source: HTV  

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