5 Signs You Are in a Toxic Relationship

Being in a relationship can be a blessing or a curse. You either feel inspired daily, loved incredibly and whole-heartedly supported, or you feel like you're constantly defending yourself, being broken down and fighting more than laughing. Here are five signs you are in a toxic relationship. toxic relationships 1. The Controller No one should be telling you when you're allowed to do something or what you're not allowed to do. Don't put a leash on anyone, and don't let anyone put one on you. 2. The Debbie Downer We all know that negativity is a total downer, but it can be hard to avoid. When it comes to relationships, it's important to keep each other positive, happy and full of light. if you are bringing your partner down, or feel like they're sucking the life out of you with their bad vibes, then you're allowing the relationship to be associated with cynicism. 3. The Liar If you notice your partner is always coming up with white lies to their friends and family, you can bet they're doing it to you as well. And if you're finding yourself doing this, become aware of it and make an effort to stop. No one likes a liar. It can lead to big lies that will certainly affect the relationship. 4. The Perfectionist There's always more weight to lose, more dishes to clean, more projects to complete, more fake smiles to shine. When you are a perfectionist, you expect your significant other to live up to that standard, and that is a surefire way to set them up for failure. Watch for the signs to find out sooner or later if you're dating a perfectionist as well. 5. The Cheater Cheating doesn't need much of an explanation. If you're doing it or your significant other is, there is a huge lack of respect. Do you feel like you are in a toxic relationship? Source: Elite Daily Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_108834" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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