5 Signs You're a B*tch

Lately, we have seen lots and lots of bitching. Some of the comments we get on our Facebook page are hilarious, but one thing is for certain: people love to bitch! "This is so wrong!" "Their form is terrible!" "That diet is stupid!" "But, but , but I just want to be heard!!!!" anigif_enhanced-11498-1406062912-1 Really? You are going to sit around and complain to a site that provides FREE information that is TOTALLY optional to you? I get it, I get it! You say: "Oh well its called freedom of speech!"  You are totally right-it is a freedom of speech! But, instead of doing the workouts that we post, people just love to complain about them or pick a fight. If only these guys (men AND women) spent half the time working out as they did bitching behind their keyboards, then maybe they would see results? But then again, who am I to judge, right? anigif_enhanced-11498-1406062912-1 Could you be a bitch? Here are a 5 signs to finding out:
  1. You are self centered. Yes, you have one MAJOR superiority complex. You are the only one who exists in your line of vision and, quite frankly, the only person who's feelings matter.
  2. You criticize everyfreakingthing. Bitches love shaming other to make them feel inadequate. You nag and knit-pick every living thing in existence whether it be your lover's new haircut, a restaurant's food, someone's weight, or even someone's clothing.
  3. You boss others around. Since the bitch believes they are superior than everyone else, it is natural for one to give orders versus taking them. These are the types that feel they are "too good" to do layman things.
  4. You expect to be treated like royalty. Bitches are spoiled and demanding. He or she expects your 100% full attention at all times-no less. If they don't get it, you will be reaping the consequences by getting the cold shoulder or being put in the dog house.
  5. You embarass others in public. Whether it’s your friends or theirs, the bitch always manages to poke fun at you to the point where even your friends are feeling uncomfortable and belittled. They love to kill what little self esteem you may have left.
0 And in case you took this super lighthearted, sarcastic article the wrong way and currently are bitching about it, we apologize. Not really. Oh if only bitching burned calories..  Click the image below to come visit me (or bitch at me), whatever: URLSmall

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