5 Steps To Get VS Model Rosie's Smoking Hot Body!

The sexy, fine-toned supermodel's physique didn't come without commitment.   Rosie Huntington-Whitely's sleek, lean legs and sculpted frame is the result of some hard hitting, intense training. Check out Rosie revealing how she works for her sought-after sexiness on Instagram. In super high speed, the video shows Rosie and trainer Erica Hood work through their routine including stability ball training, ankle weight leg lifts and jumping jacks.  If you want to hit it like Rosie, expert trainer to the stars Astrid Swan recommends these key moves. #1 Cardio warm up Beginning with a 5 minute warm up of light cardio (a jog or jumping jacks) will get your heart racing and your body ready to workout. #2 Kick backs "Kick backs" are the secret to help sculpt Rosie's tight and toned butt and engage her abs. “Start on all fours, pull your knee into your chest and flex your foot as you extend the leg back.” Astrid explains. "Remember to hold your leg straight, keeping your abs engaged, and then bend your knee and extend back 20 times to work your hamstring. Repeat on the other side." #3 T planks Rosie's killer abs and beautifully toned shoulders are all thanks to T planks! “While in pushup position, with your legs slightly wider than hip width, open up your body to the side by lifting one arm up to the sky–remembering to keep your hips up–and then return back to pushup position and repeat the other side. Do 20 (10 per side) to tone the shoulders, back and core.” Astrid says. #4 Pikes on stability ball This is an advanced exercise, even if Rosie makes it look like nothing. "With your hands on the floor, feet on the stability ball, pike your hips up to the ceiling as you draw your belly in, roll the ball up towards your hands and with control return back to starting position. Go for 10-20 reps.” says Astrid. There is an alternative if you can't handle it, or you don't own a stability ball. “In top plank position, walk your feet forward towards your hand as you draw your hips up to the ceiling, crunch your belly and slowly walk your feet back to starting position. 10-20 reps.” she recommends. #5 Bridge roll ups Astrid reveals how to replicate this signature Rosie move. “Lay on the floor, bend your knees and extend your hands straight down by your side. Line up your heels with your finger tips. Lift hips up, squeeze and slowly roll back down." says Astrid. The ball acts as an extra burn for your inner thighs, glutes and the back of your legs. Use a towel if you do not own a ball, or doing without is perfectly fine.   Following these 5 key workouts will have you seeing Victoria Secret Angel results in no time! Try them and show us your before and after pics!        

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