5 Steps to the Most Vibrant, Healthy You!

Looking to take your health to the next level? Here are my suggestions to help you optimize your vitality and look and feel your absolute very best. 1-Remove most if not all processed foods from your diet. This is going to take a little self-discipline, but it will all be worth it I promise. Filling up on fresh, organic, un-processed foods that are packed with live enzymes will give you a new lease on life. If you maintain this lifestyle free of processed foods your energy levels will sky rocket! 2-Eat at least one raw meal a day. The process of cooking foods zaps somewhere between 50-80% of the available vitamins, minerals and live enzymes, which is problematic because the conventional foods we eat have very little nutrition to begin with. I suggest having one meal a day that is uncooked in order to maximize the benefits. This can be a big colourful salad or you can get creative and try some of the many raw food recipes online. green juice 3-Try green juice. Get as much goodness as possible in your cup. Look for freshly made juices with kale, cucumber, lime, green apple, etc. Wheatgrass and E3 Live (blue-green algae) shots are also PACKED full of nutrition! 4-Find an activity that you really enjoy and do a little each day. If you find yourself straining and pushing yourself in your workouts to the point where you hate it and want it to be over, than you may want to reconsider your workout. Try a new activity each week until you find something that really clicks. 5-Take the time to learn about what foods are best for your body. Knowledge is power! The more that you know food the better choices you can make on the fly without relying on a meal plan. Keep a list of healthy recipes that you would like to make in the future and try to get in the habit of cooking a new one each week. Click here to check out more from Gillian 

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