5 Stretches to Incorporate After Your Exercise Routine

Time. We don't have enough of it. Or at least we often tell ourselves that in order to excuse our behavior, like not getting a work out in. But, if we do make it the gym or a work out class, we sometimes find ourselves skipping out on what we value least in order to make room for what we value most, like making it to work on time, or committing to a dinner date. So what are we skimping on? Most likely, we didn't come for the cool down, but it's an important part nonetheless. So, if you're prone to squeezing in a quick routine at the gym, or sneaking out of your kickboxing class early, you may find these stretching poses to quickly cool down an easy way to get it ALL in.  

1. Standing Backbend

  After a kickboxing or spin class, try this stretch to counteract the hunched forward pose you often find yourself in with either of these works outs. 2. Happy Baby stretch For your post-run stretch, try this pose, which works to open your hips up, since running can make them super tight! 3. Shoulder Stand Stretch CrossFit targets the big muscles in your butt and legs, so to ward off intense soreness from such intense lower-body work, try this pose to boost your circulation. 4. Seated Forward Bend stretch After an ab work out, you want to make sure you stretch the front of your body, obliques and hip flexors. 5. Chest opener stretch For those intense upper-body workouts, make sure to open your chest and shoulders post session. Do you ever leave the gym or a work out class without cooling down with stretches? Source: Shape      

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