5 Surefire Ways to Make Your Girl Melt

Sitcoms depend on it for laughs. Rom-Coms depend on it for drama. Florists and gift shops depend on it for sales: "Women are complicated and men mess up the wooing." But is it so tough to get right? After all, the goal is simple, what author E.M. Forster summed up best with his phrase, "Only connect..." And what brings a girl right into her guy's arms? Hint: it isn't the roses and rings. 1. When she's wild-haired and in your shirt from the night before, tell her you think she's beautiful. Women love it when you see them just as they are (Bridget Jones, anyone?) and still desire them. 2. Tell her about the time you learned to shoot a bow at summer camp. Who you were is part of you who you are. Sharing your childhood makes her feel invited in a little closer. 3. Put a note in her jacket pocket or purse for her to find later. Little reminders of love make a trip go faster and feel like a cheering section when workday tasks get tough. 4. Kiss her eyelids. Kiss her fingertips when you're holding hands. Move the hair out of her eyes. For a woman, noticing and touching her tenderly when you're not making love is making love. 5. When you do get to sex though, don't be afraid to kick up the heat and try new things. Chances are, if she feels secure with you outside the bedroom, she will feel more adventurous in bed with you. How do you know you haven't gone too far? Follow her breathing and encourage her to give you verbal cues.

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