5 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Health in 30 Seconds

Most of what you will do to get healthy takes weeks to accomplish. Motivational master Adam Rosante, founder of The People's Bootcamp in New York City, says there are lots of things you can do in less time than it takes you to blend your smoothie. Here are his top 5 picks:

1. Say buh-bye to stress.

Just chill. It is really easy to forget to center yourself in times of stress. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and after 30 seconds of being mindful,  you will have returned to a place of calm.

2. Work out of a funk.

Don't sit and stew in a bad mood. Pick one body movement, be it a squat or running in place and do that for 30 seconds. If you are at work, go to the washroom and work your move in secret if need be.  “When you change your physicality you can change your mentality,” Rosante explains.

3. Give your back a break. 

Stand up! Stretch every hour for 30 seconds. Rosante suggests setting a calendar reminder if you have a difficult time remembering.

4. Gulp some H2o.

Step one: fill a bottle. Step two: sip it. Easy enough. Rosante explains that most of us don't even realize we walk around all day in a mild state of dehydration. He says, “You should be drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water every day.”

5. Give a little bit.

There is nothing that can lift your mood more than doing something for someone else. Donate to a Kickstarter campaign or check in on a friend of family member. “Never underestimate the value of texting someone to say, ‘Hey, I was thinking about you.'” Rosante says. I feel like I'm happier and healthier already. Are these things you could work into your day?

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