5 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Do Differently to Succeed at Life

Emotionally intelligent people are empathetic and have a heighten level of self-awareness. EI is something many of us aren't taught in school. When we do not open ourselves to become emotionally intelligent, we are deprived of living consciously and fully. Here are 5 things people with emotional intelligence do differently to succeed and find balance in life: #1 Live in the present  tumblr_n4pyyhlUm11qd4c62o1_500 It may sound like a cliche, but not many of us truly know what it means to live in the moment. There is no such thing as the past or future, as it is impossible to live there. We only have what is right in front of us, and we should be appreciating and enjoying it. #2 Embrace change o-HUGGING-facebook Change is never an easy process, no matter how big or small. EI people possess the ability to confront change head on with an attempt to learn from whatever has come their way. It isn't easy, but it is more effective than denying or hiding from change. #3 Don't take things personally two-laughing-female-friends They have a confidence about themselves that prevents any insult, joke or comment to render them offended. #4 Take the blame  hot-girl-mirror-reflection-hd-wallpaper-53295 Often times we find ourselves blaming others and holding them responsible for why we did something wrong. EI people accept their own faults and use their self-awareness to learn and grow from their mistakes. #5 Let go of the past  free-mind-girl-HD Acceptance and forgiveness are the two key pillars to letting go of the past. EI people know this, and don't dwell on what could or should have been. Do you have a high emotional intelligence? Let us know!    

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