5 Things to Love About Having Small Boobs

After Ariana Grande's recent "I Have No T*ts" Instagram post, women with tiny tatas everywhere are rejoicing! Here are 5 reasons to love your little cupcakes (I'm sorry): 1) Going bra-less! article-2571946-1BFCCB3600000578-455_634x999 Leaving the bra behind is something you can actually do and it's care-free! There is something freeing about the lack of underwire and with small boobs, hardly anyone will notice you're up-top commando. 2) You can rock any swimsuit! tropical_4292-modelo You don't need to worry about getting proper coverage or support from your cups. Go skimpy, strappy, backless...the possibilities are endless. And finding your size is never an issue. 3) You can fake people out when you need it! Candice-Swanepoel-637x858 Push up bras, cutlets, water bras. If you need titties at the time, you can easily throw one of these bad boys on. 4) Cute bralettes are easy to pull off! Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.57.10 PM That bralette look that's so on-trend? You can wear on of those, or a cute and sexy crop top, and it isn't swallowed up by your chest. 5) Small boobs are beautiful! cara Every cup size from A to Double G is exactly what the prefect boobs should look like. There is no better size or shape. Love your boobs, be comfortable with them and all aspects of your body. What do you love about having small boobs? Let us know!

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