5 Things Men Notice About You During Sex

Sex is a pretty personal thing. I mean, let's be real: You're taking it all off (literally) and sharing your body with someone else. So, it's hard NOT to get self conscious and wonder if your partner is looking for every tiny detail wrong with you (cause you know you're guilty of doing that to yourself - so why wouldn't they?) Fact is, a man is not going to consider it a deal breaker if your nails are chipping or if you have a stress pimple in the middle of your forehead. They're more inclined to notice if you're actually happy to be naked with them and if they're successfully turning you on. So, what do guys actually notice during sex?

1. Your Initiative

Ever heard of starfish-ing? No? Google it and then don't do it. Your partner wants to see you're just as ready as they are to get the party started.

2. The Way Your Body Moves

Movement isn't necessarily a strong point for some people - especially the sensual kind. That being said, everyone has a sensual side. Allow yourself to tap in to it and own your sexy. He's gonna notice if you're rigidly laying on top of him and start to question if you're actually in to this or not.

3. Your Eyes

If you're making eye contact or looking at their body, awesome. What makes men uncomfortable is if you’re checking out your own body (and not in the "Damn we look hot" kind of way), or gazing off to the wall or ceiling.

4. Your Breath

Is it heavier than usual? Similarly, is your voice deeper? These clues tell them whether you’re genuinely aroused. You don’t need to play it up by panting like you just did HIIT Max or anything - just let it show if you're actually in to it.

5. If You’re Freshly Groomed or Wearing Expensive Lingerie

No, it's not from a judgmental standpoint. Its just that the prep work implies that you were thinking about sex - and that's definitely a turn on.

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