5 Things Only People Trying To Lose Weight Understand

Losing weight isn't always so easy. Maybe you are trying to drop that last 10, maybe you are at the beginning of a doctor-ordered major weight loss journey. Whatever the reasons, here are 5 struggles that can only truly be understood by people in the same boat:

1. You Think About Food. All. The. Time.

Being on a diet makes you think about food even more than you would ordinarily. Sometimes, it feels like you are constantly having to come up with strategies to stay on top of it all. "Until healthy, clean eating becomes natural to you, having a careful eating strategy is crucial," says Chris Czartosieski, a certified personal trainer and owner of The BodySmart Studio in Southold, NY. How to deal: Give yourself a cheat day. "It'll keep you from feeling totally restricted and make your new, healthy diet feel like a true lifestyle change that you can stick to" says Czartosieski.

2. Exercise classes filed with fit people are the last place you want to be.

Is there anything worse in this world than trying to find the perfect spot to hide in a room full of spandex clad, confident, perfect looking beautiful people? How to deal: Those gym beauties may not know a thing about your struggle, or maybe they started in the same place. It doesn't matter. It takes courage to attend the class and that is what you should be thinking about. You're brave, you're awesome. You got this.

3. You're beginning to hate thin people.

Sometimes, it seems they have it all and it just isn't fair. They can wear what they want, eat what they want, never workout and not gain a pound. Meanwhile, you even look at that chocolate cake and you need to go up a pant size. How to deal: First, remember that you do not know another's story. That thin person you hate may be working a lot harder behind the scenes than you know. Take it easy on her. Focus on yourself and think of how much stronger you will be, emotionally and physically once you hit your goals. Anything worth having in life is worth working for! Once you hit these goals, you'll feel unstoppable and can conquer just about anything!

4. You feel like you're being judged even though you are shedding pounds.

It hurts when you catch someone staring at you. You've lost weight, are starting to feel better and decide to hit the beach with your friends. Then the stares begin. It can feel like the whole world has stopped to watch you walk by. How to deal: Screw the noise. Haters gonna' hate. You know who you are and you know how hard you are working. It can be difficult to ignore insensitive people but you must. You are on a journey and think of how great you are going to feel (and look) at the end of it all!

5. The mirror is your enemy.

Losing weight takes time and it can be so frustrating when the scale and the image in the mirror don't reflect the changes you feel or the effort you've been putting in. How to deal: Remember, changes happen on the inside first. Your body and your health are improving in ways you may not always be able to see. It starts there. Just keep going, you'll see it. Promise. Do these struggles resonate with you? Share your thoughts with us. Trying to lose weight? Having trouble? Try this workout and see if it helps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSzwKCql63g dailyhiit.com/fatburnchallenge

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