5 Things To Know Before You Go On Your Summer Hikes

Ready to go out in to the wilderness and see nature at it's finest? Awesome! Before you hit the trails, whether it's an overnighter, a day trek or just a jaunt, make sure to do these 5 things to optimize your experience and ensure your safety!

Test Your Gear

If you don't know how something works, what's the point of having it? Do a trial run of everything you're bringing.

 Share Your Plans

You're dealing with the elements when you go trail blazing. Tell people what trail head you're starting at and what time you'll return – especially if you're hiking alone – so a friend knows where to send help if you're not back on time.

Don't Wear Cotton

Instead, wear a quick-drying, performance-fabric base layer that won't chafe. Top it with a merino wool long-sleeve; it's breathable and warm even when wet, so you'll be okay if it rains.

Bring Lots of Food and Water

A good rule of thumb is one pint of water for every two hours or four miles and one and a half pounds of food per day. Pack protein bars, jerky, nuts, and dried fruits, plus extra H2O.

Mind Your (Trail) Manners

When you encounter other hikers on a narrow trail, the person going downhill should stop and let the one going uphill pass. Also, the "Leave no trace" adage means take all trash with you – even natural things like apple cores and orange peels.

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