5 Things Only Women With Thick Thighs Understand

Thigh gaps? Pssh, thick thighs are hot, sexy and awesome! While embracing your thick thighs, they do come with a set of issues only the ladies of your wide-thigh kin will understand.

1) Thigh Highs

Nice try, thigh highs. But there's no way you can keep those babies up!

2) Chub Rub

It is a real pain-in-the-thigh when your legs keeping rubbing together. It causes irritation that sometimes no amount of creams, salves or powders can fix. Someone invent a chub rub cure all!

3) Thigh Smack

That sound when you run of your thighs slapping together? Consider it a round of applause! #BigThighedandBlessed (Let's get that trending!)

4) You're a Whole Lot Healthier

Science has found women with big ol' thighs are actually quite healthy. Carrying that extra weight on the thighs protects your heart and wards off metabolic problems. So that's not an issue at all!

5) Crossing your legs

It can be a bummer trying to cross under a low table or at a stool. Sometimes you just have to accept you'll be a little less ladylike today! Show off your gorgeous thick thighs this summer, because not matter the issues, there is still so much to love about your thighs of thunder!   What are some thick thigh problems you've encountered? Share them with us!    

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