5 Tips For Picking the Perfect Melon

Summer is the perfect time for a nice juicy watermelon or honeydew. The only problem is that until you cut into the melon, it’s difficult to tell if it will be perfectly ripe, sweet, and juicy. Luckily, here are 5 tips to help your pick that perfect melon:
  1. Inspect for defects – it’s difficult to see or feel the faults of a melon, but there are a few obvious defects you can detect to narrow down your options. Avoid melons with bruises, soft spots, cracks and moldy patches.
  2. Check the skin colour – a shiny exterior will mean an underripe interior, honeydews should be pale yellow rather than overly green, and the rind directly underneath the skin of cantaloupe and muskmelons should be golden or orange, not green or white.
  3. Size matters – pick it up, you’re looking for a hefty melon. If it feels heavy for it’s size then you’ve found a winner.
  4. Tap that – tap the melon with the palm of your hand and listen for a hollow sound, that’s the sound you want in a melon.
  5. The smell test – press your fingers against the soft round section where the vine was attached, the smell should be fresh, fragrant, and sweet.
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