5 Tips for Resisting Temptation

1) Don’t buy or keep treats in the house. This is a very important practice because sometimes knowing you have a treat in the house can drive you crazy until give in. Don’t put yourself through that kind of torture on purpose. 2) Get your friends and loved ones on board Peer pressure is a very real thing. It makes the world of difference if you have support from those you care about on your health journey. Even if they don’t want to eat the same way you do, a little positive encouragement goes a long way. 3) Use the 15-Minute Rule: If you are super temped, commit to not giving in for 15 minutes and distract yourself with a healthy activity. See if the craving is still there 15 minutes later. If it is, I try to wait another 15 minutes. I remind myself that the craving will pass. 4) Stop and Reflect Before Responding: I ask myself, what am I about to do and why? Is eating this right now really going to serve some purpose and help me, or will I regret it later?  5) The #1 tip for preventing cravings (and the hardest to implement), especially with sugar… Is eliminate those foods completely! If you start having your treats on any regularity, the brain will start to crave it. Personally, I have committed to a completely sugar-free life, and I have to say that I don’t crave the sweet treats I used to! A lot of times when people say sugar free, they just mean no cane sugar but still eat fruit derived sugars. This is a great way to transition from a candy addiction but at the end of the day, sugar is sugar. If I need a little bit of sweetness, I will use all natural, zero-glycemic stevia or lakanto and it does the trick!

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