5 Tips for Surviving Relationship Battlegrounds

There are certain hotspots in relationships where the fights seem more likely to spring up no matter what you do. What are they and how can you avoid them? TRAVEL When you travel together your routine is thrown off. You're forced to sync your decisions and you'll quickly see how compatible your problem-solving strategies are. When things go wrong, blame is the first thing to surface. And that can lead to deeper issues surfacing. Suggest something to switch gears. Go for a walk and explore. Get a glass of wine. Use the novelty of the situation for bonding instead of disruption. CAR As with traveling, you're out of the your element. And sitting belted in side by side and staring ahead, you're more likely to feel comfortable speaking your mind. But car talk can lead to much more than you intended with, "Why can't you leave it on one A/C setting?" Once you're home, revisit the issues that get brought up in the car when you can face each other and tempers have cooled. It's likely something you need to address anyway. DINNER PARTY Some people swear their partners have a different party persona entirely. If your partner tends to start sharing secrets or flirting with other guests, it can put you into a mood that ruins the evening. Your partner may be covering for social anxiety and not know he or she is hurting you with the behaviour. Discuss it later and try to relax while you're there. Meanwhile, have your own fun. IN-LAWS Something happens to us around our parents. We move into old roles from childhood and often our partners, who were not part of that time, get confused about our attitudes and behaviour. No matter how intrusive or inclusive your family is, you must steal time away for the two of you. It grounds you both and soothes tensions to reconnect. WEDDING Sometimes couples start feeling gooey again towards each other remembering their own journey to love. Other times it's a reminder that everyone else's relationship seems to be happier than your own. Focus on the event and not yourself. If it brings up issues that you should address in your life, do so at home later. Have a glass of champagne and toast Love, because it's beautiful, but never perfect. Do you and your SO have trigger locations? What's most likely to set you off?   h/t

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