5 Tips To Get Yourself Mentally Prepared To Workout

What stands in your way of getting that fit, toned body you dream about? Is it that you don't know where to start and spend the bulk of your gym time wandering around trying to figure out what to do? Or have you decided you won't even try because you might fail or feel like you don't possess enough knowledge to make a change?

None of these scenarios need to be the case. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is incredibly challenging on the mental side of things. But you can't get your body right if your head isn't in it too! Here are 5 tips to help you mentally prepare for a healthy lifestyle!

1. Train your mind to focus on the present.

Mindful meditation is your friend when it comes to staying present. Focus your mind on what is currently happening. When you are working out, being present is extremely important. It helps you to focus on and isolate particular muscle groups to get the most out of each and every rep. Mindful meditation is usually practiced while sitting and remaining still. It is a combination of deep breathing, relaxation and focused attention on the present moment. It won't be easy at first. But the brain is a muscle that can be trained just like any other. Keep at it.

2. Find a reason to get fit.

Motivation is the key to making any life change. Whether it is running a marathon or fitting into that little black dress, it is important for you to identify why it is you want to make a change. We know working out leads to improved health, confidence and longevity but sometimes those reasons aren't quite enough. Dig deep. Once you unearth your reason, hold on to it tightly! It will be what gets you through those days when you'd rather eat rocks than go to the gym.

3. Plan for setbacks.

We are all only human. Although you'd love to hit the gym and be able to easily do a series of complex and intense workouts the reality is, you won't be able to at first. And even after time, there will still be things you can't do and places you struggle. If you make these failures just part of the plan, you'll be better able to move beyond them. Sometimes your body says 'no,' that isn't the same as giving up or failing to even try.

4. Focus on you and you alone.

Be selfish. Trying to improve yourself demands it. Making a major lifestyle change can be frightening enough, don't make it worse by comparing yourself to other people. There will always be someone in better shape than you. Don't worry about it. You've made up your mind to do better. Don't listen to people who try to steer you off course. You know what you have to do.

5. No matter what, never give up.

Sometimes life gets in the way. When things need to be prioritized, fitness can sometimes take a back seat. It is okay to miss a workout once in a while when something major comes up. But when you aren't working out, make sure you've got everything else nailed down. Stay with your healthy diet, for example. That way when the time comes to revisit your workouts, you are all set to go! The less you change, the easier it will be to get back into it.

Did you find these tips helpful? How do you mentally prepare for your workouts? Share your tips with us.

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