5 Toxic Types of Friends Who Aren't Worth Your Time

You know how after high school your friend preferences shifted? You realized who would be following you along a similar path and who would be forever surrounded by drama. Now as you move on from college and begin your career, you make another shift. Here are the 5 types of toxic friends you should shed on the search to find lasting relationships. 2079 1) The Flake She pulls it off as being "quirky". It's all apart of her "quirky" personality that she stood you up at Starbucks, or her "quirkiness" played a role in her making it to the brunch 40 minutes late. She blames you for taking life to seriously and to lighten up. The truth is, no one has enough time in the world to be friends with The Flake.   polish 2) The Negative Nancy This cynical sister seriously brings down every outing. She hates the parties you go to together, every restaurant you eat at, every concert you go to or trip you take. She's negative about others and never has anything else to talk about. Well sorry, but The Negative Nancy can go rain on someone else's  parade! 3) Miss Selfie Self-Centred Notice how every time you go to talk about yourself, she somehow comes up with a story about her? She probably doesn't know anything about you because she's always blabbing about herself. She's the kind of girl who texts you asking to "Like" her new profile pic. She's the kind of girl who will only be thinking about her hair if you come to her with a personal crisis. Delete this self-centered friend! 2012-03-23 09.29.38 am 4) Drunkpants Drunkpants is the friend who you can't just grab a drink with, you have to grab 10. She was a hoot in high school, and did her fair share of experimenting in college, but now it's time to pull her life together. If she's not focusing on turning her life into Jobpants, or Moving-Out-Of-Her-Parents-House-Pants, then she's not a good influence on your career-driven life. tumblr_static_35lej1maa1kws40cgwcc888oc_1280_v2 5) The Jealous Friend You know she's jealous because she's full of backhanded comments about everything you do and constantly trying to one-up you. This girl will be incessantly vying for attention from guys when you're out together and making snarky remarks about you to try and drag you down. She is one of the most toxic personalities because she can do real damage to your self esteem just to feed her ego. Adios, Jealous Friend, this isn't middle school! Have you encountered any of these "friends"? Let us know your personal stories!

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