5 Trends in Fitness you need to Know About

Boutique Fitness/Treadmill Classes: Boutique fitness studios specialize in a particular type of training -- underwater cycling or trampoline workouts, for example. So it’s a surprise when the newest rage is as simple as treadmill classes.  This is where a group fitness instructor leads a boot-camp style treadmill workout.  You can expect anything from tabata workouts to elevated pushups using only the treadmill Punk Rope:  Similar to your childhood jump-roping with friends.  This is done in a fitness studio and combines plyometric movements with jump roping.  Think plyo jump squats with or plyo push-ups with a jump-rope. Hot Barre:  Similar to hot yoga, it combines Barre style workouts with 100 degree temperatures to leave you sweaty and detoxed at the end of the workout. Online Workouts:  Think skype.  This type of workouts allows you to work with trainers worldwide via skype, face-time, or any other web based face to face application.  This is taking the fitness industry by storm since you can now enroll to have top fitness models design your workouts. Functional Fitness: Combining Primal movements like squatting, jumping, pushing, pulling with outdoor bootcamp style training to help improve endurance, flexibility, and posture.

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