5 Ways, In 5 Days, To Improve Your Health and Wellbeing!

Making tiny changes to your lifestyle can actually have a huge impact on your health! A lot of people think they need to make a massive shift in their daily routine in order to see a healthier, stronger and better self. By challenging yourself to switch up 5 small things, in one week, you'll be amazed at what can happen! Day One: Swap Sweets for Fruit Replace your sugary breakfast cereal with a bowl of fresh fruits to start your morning gloriously. Or snack on a banana instead of your usually chocolate chip muffin. Fruit will give you minerals, vitamins and nutritious phytochemicals. Day Two: Take The Stairs Stop waiting for the elevator and get your heart pumping by walking or running up a few flights of stairs. Day Three: H2O It Up! Challenge yourself to squeeze more water into your day, while squeezing out sugary soft drinks or coffee. Water cleanses your system, and proper hydration can leave you feeling less hungry and more energized. Day Four: Savour It Tonight, slow down and really enjoy your meal. Try and stretch your dinner out to 20 minutes, instead of gobbling it up while watching TV or replying to emails. Enjoy the deliciousness you've cooked, and you will end up digesting it better. Day Five: Breathe There are so many benefits to practicing calm breathing, and it's something that literally takes no effort! Taking long, deep breathes relieves stress, oxygenates the brain and enhances your metabolic rate. Try these 5 easy, quick changes and share your results with us!

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