5 Ways to Beat Back Fat

Back bulge around your bra line and that super annoying muffin top? I hear you. Although spot reducing never works, try these 5 tips to help relieve some back bulge from your life.

Pump Up The Cardio

Try some HIIT training or, for even more of a challenge, do a HIIT style workout thats weighted. This is going to burn up to 200 calories more a day (even during rest or sleep!) than your average steady-paced cardio workout.

 Tone it Up

Add moves like bent over rows, deadlifts and reverse flys (among many others) that sculpt your back, shoulders, and obliques to reveal your musculature. Posture-improving exercises can also do wonders!

Do Yoga

Since you spend a large majority of your time in plank or moving through flows - try some yoga to tone up everywhere!

Eat the Right Foods

Diet is half the battle! Make sure to drink lots of water and eat the right foods. Processed foods and refined sugars aren't going to help you!

 Make Sure You're Wearing the Right Sizes

No one likes to hear it, but the bulge around your bra or a muffin top may mean you aren't wearing the correct size for your body. Flattering clothes will help you feel more confident, regardless of what size you're wearing.

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