5 Ways to Keep Your Flirting Game On Point

Do you remember how flirting used to be back in the day? Girls would flip their hair and boys would use smooth one-liners. Then, time passed. Today, flirting seems to get lost in between 15 hour work days and having to change diapers. Here are the top five ways you can keep it hot and sexy. Dress the part Act as if you're about to go out on a blind date. Dress up, spray on some perfume and add some accessory to your attire. Spare no effort to look your best. Avoid distractions When you have kids, date night becomes harder to do. Ask a friend to watch the kids or send them to bed early. Be spontaneous Don't be afraid to send naughty texts or emails back and forth for all day preplay. There's always time for dirty talk. Flirt, don't complain There's nothing worse than listening to your partner complain about their day. Keep it just about you two and nothing else. Get creative Role play with one another. Pretend your out at a bar and you just met. Always find new ways to flirt, seduce and tease. No matter how long you've been together, every relationship needs a healthy dose of flirting. What are your most popular flirtation techniques?

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