5 Ways Your Life Will Improve After Purging Toxic People

We all know about food detoxes. How ditching toxins can make you feel happier, healthier and lighter. It is a relatively easy thing to do with food but what about toxic people? Sometimes we acquire friends who poison us and strangle us like excess fat. They cause more drama than all the other people in your life combined. They are more emotionally draining and time consuming than any person should be. It is easy to make excuses to keep them around. You'll tell yourself 'we've been through a lot together' but that really isn't enough. Not always. Here are 5 improvements you will notice in your life if you manage to ditch the toxic folks:


Toxic people are often insecure. When we are around them, it is very easy to get consumed by this negativity. Body shaming and people bashing is not healthy inside or outside. When you step away from them, you will feel your outlook on change.


Insecurity is a breeding ground for cattiness. Making fun of people is a waste of time and is totally uncalled for. When you remove shallowness, you will find yourself open to bigger thoughts, plans and ideas. It gives you room to make, discuss and achieve goals. The more time you're allowed to focus on them, the easier they become to achieve.


Toxic people are energy suckers. Their drama means you often spend more time tending to their needs than you do looking after your own. And they never give back to you. Ever. As a result, you end up exhausted. This can effect your performance at work or your commitment levels to your workout routine. If you remove the toxins, you can focus on bettering yourself.


People who are actually interested in dealing with issues talk face to face. People who are looking to cause drama will do anything but. Silent treatments. Passive aggressive social media posts. Toxic people try to control the discourse by preventing a discourse. When you stop caving to their manipulations, you will find your life becomes far simpler.


When you spend your time with toxic people, the assumption becomes that you are one. People will judge you by the company you keep and it can be very hard to sway them once they've placed you in that camp. You may lose, or miss, opportunities to connect or network based on your peer group. At the end of the day, you choose who you have in your life. Choose carefully. Give your social life a purge. If trimming the fat can help your body, it can most certainly help your life.

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