5 Ways To Pick Yourself Up After The End Of A Long Term Relationship

Recovering after the breakup of a long term relationship is an incredibly painful process. Odds are this person you have lost was not only someone you loved romantically but also your best friend. They were your rock and now all of that has to change. Here are ways that can help you get through this transition without losing your dignity and sanity:

Let yourself mourn the loss (within reason)

Feel all the feelings that you feel but do not let it go on for too long. And of course, 'too long' is a relative term. It is different for everyone but look to your true friends for cues here. If they are no longer sympathetic and appear annoyed instead, it might be time to force yourself to talk about and think about different things.

Revel in the things you do on your own

Be proud of the moments where you feel your independence. These moments may not feel as empowering as you'd like them to, but when you take a look and add them all up, that's exactly what they are. The things you used to rely on your partner to do, when you do them yourself, celebrate. Use it as fuel to spur you on and as a reminder that you're okay.

Do the things you love even if you once loved them as a couple

Whatever it is you love, going to music festivals or camping. Even hiking in the woods. Do these things anyway. It might sting at first but you are still allowed to enjoy the things that make your heart sing even if you are solo.

Figure out whether you can still be friends

All of this depends on how you broke up and how you feel. If you are still extremely in love and feeling hurt, you may feel like your ex is a life raft. But it isn't a good idea to hold on to this false sense of security. Only be friends if you are okay being just friends. You can't go into this sort of friendship with the hopes of getting back together. It will only prolong your suffering or lead to further heartbreak.

Stop following your ex on social media

You don't have to go the whole distance and unfriend your ex but at least do yourself the small favour of removing him/her from your newsfeed wherever possible. We all continue to live lives after a breakup. There is no sense in torturing yourself by watching them do things without you. You are only going to drive yourself insane. Unplug from that game and live your own offline life. Do you have something to add to this list? What helped you through your loss? Share with us!  

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