5 Ways To Show Your #MomBod Some Love!

For every woman who is tired of magazines and the internet telling them what they should look like post-baby, it's time to embrace your #MomBod with pride. The beauty of the mommy body is that it can be anything you want it to be. It can look toned and ab-tastic, it can curvy or skinny or have a little postpartum pooch. Every body is welcome in this self-love movement. Here are 5 reasons why you should start showing your #MomBod the love and respect it deserves: 1. Look at your scars and be proud of what they represent. Those stretch marks are markers of an incredible journey. 2. Love your bigger boobs. They might be awkward to manage sometimes, but they are beautiful and are helping nourish your little one. 3. Love your #mombooty. Take as many butt-selfies as you wish and rock those yoga pants. A few Brazilian buttlift kicks can make your backside pop. 4. Love your belly pooch. It may take quite a few crunches before you have washboard abs, so don't wear yourself out trying to hurriedly shed your hourglass figure. Your mumtum is womanly, and nothing to be ashamed of. 5. Don't overdo your workouts. Use exercise as your me-time. A run in the evening or an early Sunday yoga class is a time to rest your mind and heal your body. Don't stress over toning up and trimming down. What are some ways you like to show your #MomBod some love? Snap a pic of you embracing your mommy body and leave it in the comments! Source: Z Living

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