5 Ways Sleeping Naked Benefits You

The science is in, folks! Sleeping naked is not only sexy, it is good for your health. Here are 5 ways sleeping in the buff can aide your health and your sense of well being.

1.Better Quality of Sleep

An Australian study has found that some forms of insomnia can be triggered by improper body temperature regulation at night. Other studies have shown that the regulation of in bed body temperature could help in reaching deeper sleep. In one of these studies, Dutch scientists put thermosuits on participants in an effort to lower skin temperature without lowering core temperature. The result? Participants had uninterrupted sleep with more time spent in the deep sleep stages. Might be time to take a pass on heavy blankets and warm pjs.

2.Combat Belly Fat and Lower Cortisol Levels

Natural body cooling at night can help to lower your cortisol levels. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone and as such it is responsible for a whole host of conditions from high blood pressure to increased appetite to a weak immune system. It is between 10pm and 2am, during deep rest, that cortisol reaches its lowest levels. After 2am, the glands that produce cortisol start to kick into gear in order to prepare us for the next day. If you don't get enough sleep, you wake with unusually high cortisol levels. This high level can stimulate your appetite and increase your chances of over eating (and usually over eating the wrong things). All of this, of course, can contribute to increasing belly fat.

3.Stimulate the Release of Anti-Aging Hormones

Keeping your bedroom above 70F inhibits the release of melatonin and growth hormones which are key anti-aging hormones. Melatonin is released when you sleep in complete darkness and causes a slight cooling of the body. As the body temperature decreases, growth hormone is released.

4.Healthy Body Composition

As was just mentioned above, high body or bedroom temperature impedes the release of growth hormones. These hormones are essential for tissue repair and healthy body composition. A study from the University of Warwick found that those who sleep less than six hours are three times more likely to develop diabetes and heart disease. Lack of sleep is linked to the release of cortisol and hunger hormones which causes a corresponding insulin spike. Lack of sleep is also linked to less active production of the fat burning and appetite controlling hormones.

5.Boost Oxytocin

Oxytocin is responsible for a bunch of wonderful things in our bodies. It is involved in orgasm, sexual responsiveness, stress, combating depression, improving gut mobility and blood pressure reduction. If you and your partner are sleeping in the nude, skin to skin touching can boost the release of oxytocin. Sleeping naked with your partner has one more benefit, it can increase desire in you both possibly leading to more intimate, sexy moments. I ditched jammies years ago. I do not miss waking in a sweat or being strangled by my nightie. I had no idea I was giving my body such a healthy boost. Is this enough to make you bare it all bedtime?

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