5 Ways to Subtly Tease and Turn Your Man On

Being sexy and seductive does not always mean a 5 piece lingerie set or performing a well practised strip tease. You can tantalize your man in sweet, simple, and oh-so-sensual ways without even really trying. 1) Wearing his shirt Alessandra-Ambrosio-2 Sometimes you pull on his oversized white tee or button into his dress shirt just because it's comfy and smells good. But your man will always find you in his clothes sexy, even if you're just lounging around on a sleepy Sunday. 2) Hair twirling tirl It might be a nervous habit, twirling your finger through your hair. Or maybe you're flipping it around after a shower sesh. Your man finds any hair movement an opportunity to smell vanilla, jasmine or your natural hair scent. A scent he finds truly alluring. 3) Stretching ahot Early morning yoga in tight leggings and a sports bra? Yeah, your man totally enjoys seeing you bend and stretch. 4) Workout sweat girls-workout-gym-sweaty-19 Coming in glistening from your afternoon run will get your guy's attention. Men love to see fit shape dotted with sweat beads and your hair damp from a good workout. 5) Hugs hug A tight hug, close body hug can turn a man on instantaneously. Women typically just like the intimacy and comfort of a hug, but for men it sends their minds on a sex spree. Got any tricks for turning on your man? Let us know!

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