5 Ways To Look Fresh After Your Workout

We've all been there, trying to squeeze in a workout during a jam-packed day. Insanely difficult, right? What's even more difficult is squeezing in a workout when you know you have to run off to a meeting or some sort of other engagement immediately following. Looking fresh after a workout isn't easy but with these simple tricks, you'll be looking and smelling like you didn't work out at all!

1. Have a change of clothes

Just because you don't have time to shower doesn't mean you should spend the next several hours in your sweaty gear. Having a fresh set of clothes and undergarments will instantly make you look, feel and smell fresh as a daisy.

2. Baby powder, baby!

After you're done toweling yourself off post-workout, sprinkle your body with baby powder. This will provide a fresh scent and soak up any excess moisture. az_0lPMmBr_19ukMdwkzZkp9-a17XORIczIYKNArwpw [bctt tweet="5 Ways To Look Fresh After Your Workout"]

3. Tie your hair and use dry shampoo

Applying dry shampoo (or baby powder) to your roots will freshen up your hair in an instant. Brush it all out so your hair doesn't look greasy. Tie it back in a cute up-do or braid to polish things off.

4. Wash your face

Get rid of any dirt or sweat on your face by using a gentle facial wash and exfoliator. This will instantly make you feel fresher without having to have a shower.

5. Have the bare essentials

Simplicity is key when it comes to your make-up. Dab a little colour on your lips and cheeks to brighten your face. Keep these items in your gym bag and you will always walk away from your workout looking like a million bucks! What are your secrets to looking fresh after a workout? Source: Candy Mag 

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