5 Ways To Make Any Woman Feel Wanted And Loved

The ways to make a person feel loved, wanted, desired and appreciated is not complex. While women may seem to possess intricate emotions at times, it only takes a few little things to mean something big for them. Fancy dinners and bouquets of flowers are thoughtful every now and then, but tiny gestures can add up over time. Here are the 5 ways to make a woman feel loved and wanted by you: couple secrets to happy relationship
  1. Get Naked With Her
Back it up here, I don't mean in a literal sense. I mean get to know each other honestly. Strip away all of the formalities and show your woman your true self, flaws, strengths and insecurities. By letting her in you let her know that she can trust you. As long as you feel comfortable enough to let yourself be true around her, then break down your walls. Tell her about your childhood, be silly with her, be scared with her, let her comfort you and help you through your tough times. 2.  Remind Her That She's Beautiful This is an essential part of making your woman's heart soar, but it can often be neglected or misconstrued. Reminding your girl that she's beautiful doesn't always mean you have to tell her she looks pretty or that her butt doesn't look big in those jeans. Compliment her kind heart, her imagination, her love of life, her laugh, her smile. Tell her she is beautiful because of what she has accomplished in life and how she has fought to overcome her demons. Beauty is more than just skin deep. Find beauty in her sense of humour, the way she holds you at night and her ambitions. You will catch her discovering ways to love herself that she never knew existed when you compliment her entire soul. 3.  Let Her Into Your Life Making her feel included seems like a simple no-brainer, but it's important for her to know that you like having her around and that she can be comfortable with you. Invite her out with your friends for a pub night, schedule a date that revolves around activities you both love to do and remember the little things she likes (such as mint chocolate chip ice cream), so you can surprise her with them. Making her a part of your life and taking the time to make her feel special are key to building a strong love. 4.  Let Her Cry Not over you!! But because she's stressed or anxious, she misses her dog or she just had a bad day. Things can hurt in life, so let her let it out. It can be hard to see your lover upset, but don't try to suppress how she feels by telling her to stop crying or that things aren't that bad. Instead, hold her and caress her. Snuggle her up in a big blanket or try to cheer her up with a joke. And if she really just needs time to cry, the best thing you can do is stay by her side. She's not expecting you to fix things or have the perfect solution for her woes. She wants you with her, to understand she's hurting and help her simply by being present. This will mean the world to her. 5.  Don't Push Her Away We all have personal struggles, but your woman wants to know that even when you are going through trying times, that she's still allowed to come into your cave and have a seat. She doesn't have to say a word and will tread lightly, maybe light a little fire in the corner to keep you warm. One of the biggest things for a woman is feeling like she is important and has a place in your heart, even at your darkest moments. Having you know that she loves you and cares deeply for you is what will, in turn, make her feel loved and cared for. So let her in. What are your thoughts? What makes you feel wanted and loved? Source: Elephant Journal Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_113860" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]  

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