5 Ways To Pump Up Your Push Ups!

Do you feel like weeping every time your trainer barks the order for push ups? Don't quit on them just yet. Mastering this perfect bodyweight exercise could be the key to giving you the trim look you've been after. And the best part? With so many variations, you'll never hit a plateau. Here are 5 push up rules that Curtis Williams, Under Armour Performance Coach, and Angela Reynolds, personal trainer, think is important for you to know: Start from the Bottom: Starting your push up on the ground is a wonderful way to make sure you are doing it properly. Williams also says it is a great way to determine if you need to modify the push up. So lay on the ground with your legs locked and your abs tight, if you cannot push up while maintaining a straight back, try a modified push up. Or, you can keep practicing to build strength. Modify, Modify, Modify!: Push ups look super easy when someone else is doing them! Reynolds suggests that push up beginners start with a modified version. Meaning start on your knees or with your hands against a wall and work towards the full monty. Doing a regular push up properly may take you a little time and effort. unspecified Don't Stick Your Butt in the Air: When your butt goes up, the impact on your core is minimized. Think of it this way, a push up is just a moving plank. You want your core to be engaged the entire time. AND, sticking your derrière in the air can put extra stress on your shoulders. Don’t Drop Your Head as You Lower Yourself Down: Keep your spine neutral so that your head is aligned with the rest of your body. To help keep yourself aligned, Reynolds suggests finding a fixed spot on the floor and keeping your eyes locked there until the set is complete. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity: "I'd rather see a client do five perfectly executed pushups and build on that than 20 pushups with terrible form," says Williams. If you are practicing with poor form, it can cause muscle imbalances and will, in all likelihood, end in injury. Are you new to push ups? What do you find most challenging? Source: Shape

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